1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1938-D Walking Liberty Half

The 1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar is considered one of the key dates of the series. Amidst the surrounding issues which have mintages well into the millions, the 1938-D had a mintage of only 491,600. This represents the third lowest for the series behind the 1921 and 1921-D.

Around the time of release, collectors and dealers had become more astute at saving low mintage coins from circulation. However, because of the higher denomination, fewer of the coins were saved than might be expected.

This issue is one of only a few for the series which commands a price above $100 for well circulated pieces. Premiums for gem graded examples are lower than the other key dates of the series, as more examples managed to survive in higher uncirculated grades. The major grading services PCGS and NGC report more than three dozen pieces graded MS67.